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Bride sues over flower color

Amy pointed this story out to me. My cut flower florist was very clear about the fact that certain flowers might come in various colors and that's mostly out of their control. They especially warned me about the purple calla lilies: they're sometimes burgundy and sometimes almost black. They ended up looking almost black, and I was very happy.

The potted flower florist did say that the mums and sunflowers would come in various colors, and there ended up being less variety than we had planned, but there was no contract, and it didn't seem to bother anyone but me, and I wasn't there to ask if it was a supply issue or what. It could be that we ended up with the best looking mums even though they were mostly all gold and the best looking sunflowers were all yellow. Or maybe we just got what was left because she had another wedding that day. Not worth arguing over.

I suppose if you are a lawyer everything is worth arguing over... ugh. That's horrible.

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Wedding Ring Dermatitis

Almost immediately after wearing my wedding band, I got a red line that looked like a burn on my ring finger. I wore it overnight a couple of times and since then I've been wearing it mostly like I wear my engagement ring - only when I leave the house. I wasn't sure what caused the red mark, but it seemed to go away.

Today while I was quilting, I noticed that the base of my finger is peeling, like I got a sunburn.

It seems very strange, but is apparently very common - google is a useful thing. The solution seems to be what I'm already doing - don't wear it all the time. Take it off to sleep, take it off to bathe...

I have had allergy problems before, but mostly with earrings. The inside of my ring is yellow gold, so I don't know why that would cause any allergic reactions. I guess my skin doesn't like having a metal band stuck to it for hours on end.

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If you took photos and can get them to us, we would love it. We'll put them up on our wedding website for the world to see (as long as they're not inappropriate).

The official photos from the professional photographer will be posted on our site too. It might be a while before we get those - we're not sure.


The wedding went really well. We owe a big thanks to our friends and families for making everything go so well. Brian and I are husband and wife! Yay!

We're opening our gifts next weekend, but so far we've gotten some lovely presents from our friends and family. We also got to take two of the centerpieces, three little glass pumpkins from the head table, my bouquet, and one of the altar arrangements home with us. My bouquet is doing surprisingly well for having been without water for 24 hours. I took it apart and put some of the perkier flowers in a vase.

The wedding is over, time to relax.

Keep checking www.ruppertwedding.com for photos.

Less than 48 hours

from right now, we will be married!

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