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Back on the bike

I biked on Sunday for the first time since last fall. I didn't have any trouble with my injuries, but I'm still getting tired a little faster than usual. I only went about 5 miles, and I went kind of slow. Ruppert kept going for a while when I turned back, and he caught up with me again at the end.

We took some pictures of a heron and a highway bridge - hopefully he will post them soon.

Biking, deer, and grilling

We made several crucial mistakes today. We should have checked the Towpath announcements. Brian assumed the construction near Valley View would be done, not so. So we got ourselves lost in Cuyahoga Heights and Valley View trying to get back to the highway going the right direction. By the time we got to the other reasonably flat, reasonably paved section of trail near Hudson, it was about 5:30 pm, and it's getting dark near 7 here. So we had a short, 6 mile trip, and then grilled. But we forgot the grill tools. We used plastic knives and spoons to push the burgers around. At least I made the burgers this time, I am so sick of the compressed chewy, artificially red hamburgers that come preformed in the meat section at Giant Eagle. Blech.

Oh well, at least we got out. We have gone at least 92 miles so far this summer. Brian's Cat Eye isn't keeping track of our mileage very well, so we have probably gone further than that.

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Biking and Groceries

I almost forgot... we went out for 8 miles on Sunday. I had a headache, so I wouldn't go further. We also ended up going really slowly because the trail was closed and we were riding on the road behind some other people, and I didn't feel it was safe to pass. I'm going to try to figure out how far we've gone this summer. I think maybe 60 miles total?

In other news, Shaker Square got a real grocery store! It just opened today, and we will have to stop in (at some point). We walked past it the other day and it looks decent. The sign in the window said "13 days left until opening" or something for several days, so we weren't sure what was going on, but I noticed a while ago it said 5 days, and I figure they would want to be open for the holiday weekend. I hope they stay around, maybe we can walk to get our groceries, especially if we only need a few things.

biked again

Yesterday we went 12.5 miles the other way on the Summit Metroparks Bike & Hike trail, which was fine except the part where we had to ride on the road for about a mile, on big, evil hills. Not cool.

Operation get a cat hasn't been progressing. I saw the neighbor's cat in the window again, being cute, with its feet up in the air on the screen. I want one. This prompted lots of drooling over kittens on the apl website.

biking, art, and chocolate

Today we went to the Akron Arts Expo. It was a fairly big show, with lots of people. The peak temperature today was probably 88, and it was really sunny. The humidity was down today (but will be up again tomorrow). I got a bit toasted while sitting at a picnic bench and eating my "ji-ro".

We bought a long wooden spoon and a wooden spatula; a ceramic bowl glazed blue, green and brown with a spiral on the bottom with some crackle glaze inside; and a purple speckled glass vase.

Later today we went biking on the Ohio & Erie Towpath trail, but we got there so late that we only had a short ride - about 6 miles. It was a very pleasant ride, the temperature was down, and I remembered my glasses so the bugs were only bouncing off my cheeks and not getting stuck in my eyes (ewww).

Last night we went to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". For some reason I wanted to see it. I think mostly I just wanted to see a movie in the theatre, any movie. This new version is... weird. Willy Wonka is a freak, a bit disturbed, a little psychotic. I've read reviews that say this is a bit truer than the original, but they added some context in terms of WW's family life. Brian laughed a lot at the Oompa Loompas and the several times when WW walks smack into the glass elevator. My favorite thing was the glimpse of the almost perfectly round fluffy pink sheep when WW says "I don't want to talk about this one." We made the mistake of going to the Richmond Leow's again, which is the place all the mothers dump their kids for movie theatre babysitting, so there was a lot of chatter and cell phones going off.

So far it has been a good weekend. I hear tomorrow we will be cleaning the apartment. :(

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