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Life in General: NEW BLOG! RSS, COMMENTS... woohoo!

Come visit me at my new home. Please disregard the graphic - it's got the wrong address.

RSS, comments... frolic to your hearts' content.

Life in General: Holy Cat

This article from New Scientist says some researchers in Prague have linked being RH negative and toxoplasmosis (from cat droppings) to having a decreased response time and increased car accidents.

Eek. I'm fairly certain I'm RH+.

Life in General: Watch and Compass

I have been looking for an inexpensive watch with an alarm that fits my wrist, and preferably not ugly. Good f*ing luck! I finally went to Shopko on the advice of my mother in law and found a Coleman watch on a carabiner clip that has an alarm, a backlight, stopwatch, analog hands, and a digital display, day of the week, date, blah blah blah.... and it also does 24 hour time. How great. And it was $17. Woohoo! I hate wearing watches on my wrist anyway.

I also wanted a compass (for when I emerge from the subway and have no clue which direction I'm facing). I got one of those at Dick's, although I could have probably found one somewhere else.

I think I'm mostly set. My parents are going to lend me a plug converter and a travel hair dryer and some leftover Euros.

5 days.

Life in General: Buttercup Bag

I made another purse this weekend This is an enlarged version of the Buttercup Bag. I tried to follow some vague instructions I found online for enlarging the bag 130%. I had to do some trimming, but it turned out ok. I added the rust colored trim, and I like it. This was all done with fabric I had upstairs in my stash. I had JUST enough of the brown embroidered fabric. I also added heavyweight interfacing to the outside of the bag and modified the strap. I definitely think that reinforcement was necessary. The strap is sewn between the outer bag and the lining. The original pattern has it tacked to the outside.

I think I might make another version of this with some black velvet I have. It would make a good purse for fancy occasions.

Life in General: New Camera

I decided I need a new point and shoot, so we picked up a Nikon Coolpix S620 (in Noble Purple). So far I like it. It's a lot smaller than my old Sony. It will be very convenient for travel.

I'll probably still take turns with Brian for the Nikon D70, but it's nice to be able to take pictures at the same time, and it's also nice to be able to hold it in the air with one hand and take pictures of us :)